HAUBEX – The automatic vise change from the tool magazine Kitagawa
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HAUBEX – The automatic vice change from the tool magazine


Automated production without any pallet changer, without feeding unit or robot? KITAGAWA India presents a new, patented system from LANK Technik GmbH that transforms the tool magazine of a machine tool into an automation system. HAUBEX, the "simplest automation solution in the world" according to LANG, enables automated production with any machine tool.




HAUBEX is a flexible and cost-effective automation solution for small batches that transforms the tool magazine into an automation system. The heart of HAUBEX is a workholding hood, which serves as a carrier system for the clamping device and the workpiece blank and is exchanged from the tool magazine. Thanks to the automatic vice exchange from the tool magazine, HAUBEX uses the existing capacities of the milling machine and does not require a feed unit or robot, nor does the patented system require any further peripheral elements, which is why HAUBEX can be ideally integrated into the existing production environment. This guarantees maximum flexibility in production planning, as HAUBEX is not tied to a specific machine, which means that virtually any machine tool is able to run unmanned and can be used for automated manufacturing.



Since no additional communication or installation is necessary on the machine side, commissioning is completely unproblematic and without downtimes within a very short time.  With HAUBEX, production efficiency can be increased from batch size 2 by productively filling breaks, creating additional time windows for alternative value-adding activities or extending working hours by allowing the machine tool to continue unmanned production after the end of the shift. The HAUBEX system consists of the workholding hood, the Makro-Grip HAUBEX 5-Axis Vice, the Quick-Point HAUBEX zero-point clamping system and tool holders of type HSK-A63, SK 40 and BT 40 suitable for HAUBEX. The vice and zero-point clamping system are operated purely mechanically, as is familiar from LANG, which in the case of the zero-point clamping system is done automatically by the workholding hood. With HAUBEX, LANG Technik offers all machining companies a simple, flexible and inexpensive entry into the world of automation.


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Benefits of HAUBEX 

> Can be used in almost any machine tool
Flexible use throughout the entire production
> Cost-efficient automation solution for beginners
No knowledge about automation and robotic systems needed
> Can be ideally integrated into existing production environment
No time-consuming installation or machine downtimes


Please watch the video below to further explain the HAUBEX automation system: