An automatable workholding system with fast set up times. Kitagawa
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An automatable workholding system with fast set up times.


Hamish and Sophia are back on the Kitagawa Europe focus channel presenting the YS modular system. This system utilises a static cylinder that can be mounted onto your machine bed. The static cylinder itself is extremely low-profile, a key benefit of this compact design is the capability of keeping the cylinder installed on the machine bed whilst machining on other fixtures. This reduces the requirement of multiple set up times for different operations, and allows you to have a number of different Workholding options installed on a single machine bed.

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Once the static cylinder is required you have many workholding options available from a three jaw power chuck, collet chucks or even expanding mandrels. Depending on your machine size we can provide cylinders to actuate 6" (165mm), 8" (210mm), or 10" (254mm) chuck sizes.

The YS1415K or 6” Kitagawa static cylinder has a height of just 77.5mm and can be easily mounted to milling and drilling machines. This low height allows you to mount larger Workholding or workpieces and not interfere too much with the overall Z height. The 10” static cylinder series can deliver up to 20.8KN pull force with pneumatic actuation or 51.9kN pull force with low pressure hydraulic actuation (1.5MPa) with up to 20mm of piston stroke. The cylinders capability allows you to mount a huge variety of “high accuracy rotary workholding systems” to a stationary fixture.




Multiple Workholding options

The system can utilise Kitagawa equipment or any third party power workholding systems requiring a pull or push actuation and the cylinder can be operated pneumatically or hydraulically depending on the workholding. You can order a simple protective cap to fit to your static cylinder to protect the mechanism when it is not being used.

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