New Kitagawa products - Coming soon! Kitagawa
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New Kitagawa products - Coming soon!

Welcome back to the Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel

In this episode, we will be showing some of the latest tech that Kitagawa Japan will be releasing throughout the year.


Introducing the BRT Series - The next generation, two jaw, wedge style power chuck offering a repeatability of 10 microns or less when using Kitagawa standard soft jaws!

With a two-jaw chuck, you can grip irregular workpieces much easier, accurately and safer than a conventional four-jaw chuck. Available in 6,8,10 and 12” sizes.  

The BRT series will be available later this year!


Next up is the DLR series. These dual lock chucks work in a very different way to conventional chucks. This series has a pullback function, so the workpiece is gripped both radially and axially creating an incredibly stable gripping platform and a significant reduction in jaw lift. This enables you to use reduced clamping pressure, preventing deformation of a thin-walled workpiece. More info on this chuck in the coming months!

Finally, we have the MK350 “The Beast”. The MK350 is the largest in the MK series and has some incredible specifications. Offering a static clamping force of 6,000Nm and allowable mass of workpiece is 500kg! This table also has a through hole of 160mm. All of the above allows you to select long/large/heavy workpieces! The MK350 really is a Beast of a machine! 

The MK350 will be available in the Summer!