NEW Products on display at EMO 2021 | Kitagawa

NEW Products on display at EMO 2021

Two-Jaw Accuracy Revolution

The accuracy revolution continues with the imminent release of the BRT Series which is the two-jaw chuck complementary series to the three jaw BR Series recently released. Available in 6" (165mm), 8" (210mm) and 10" (254mm) sizes and all with extra-large thru-holes to accommodate bar work. Two jaw chucks are perfectly suited for gripping irregular work pieces and now with the BRT Series you can grip with less than 10-micron repeatability.

The Dual-Lock Chuck joins in the accuracy revolution

The latest version of the Dual Lock chucks from Japan - the DLR Series has joined the new sub 10-micron repeatability standard set by the BR Series. Furthermore, the advantages of the dual-lock system remain, with the elimination of jaw lift and seating confirmation capability create an extremely stable gripping platform even when being used with a low clamping pressure. This low-pressure clamping makes the DLR chuck ideal for thin-walled workpieces. Finally, Kitagawa Japan have produced this chuck with very low moment of inertia allowing spindle acceleration and deceleration times to be reduced, increasing your part production capability.

The Beast arrives! 


We will be unveiling Kitagawa's latest 4th Axis Rotary table to the world - the MK350. With the same outside dimensions as the MR320, GT320 or TRX320 the MK350 provides an immense 6000N.m of clamping torque! This is over double the any of our previous model's clamping torque and even has a 33% higher clamping torque than our largest TR630 Rotary table! The beast has truly arrived!

This immense clamping torque is paired with excellent design and specifications. Supplied with an 160mm through-hole to accommodate large shaft work or a sixteen-port rotary joint allows for many work holding options to be applied to the table. Importantly, the weight of the Rotary table is only 200kgs along with the relative compact size makes the MK350 considerably lighter than any other contemporary rotary tables allowing for heavier and larger workpieces to be held within a machine envelope. 

Pallet Clamp system


Kitagawa is introducing a range of pneumatic zero-point systems to work along with our rotary tables or independently on vertical machining centres with an industry standard 5-micron repeatability and impressive pull-down forces.

Low Profile Steady Rest Series

Kitagawa Europe will display the KIC series Hydraulic steady rest with a built-in cylinder allowing them to have a larger gripping range to fit in a smaller space. With a series range from 30 - 680mm, available with either grease or oil lubrication options and multiple roller options the KIC series will cover all your steady requirements.

Compact Fixed length Collet Chucks 


The DKF series collet chucks are now complete and available in 42mm, 52mm, 65mm and 80mm sizes. Low-profile and able to rotate at high speed with ten second collet changes and a fixed collet position ensuring no work piece movement the DKF Series provides a reliable and stable platform of collet chucking.

Kitagawa Grippers!

The Kitagawa range of grippers have seen huge developments in recent years. High specification, well-balanced gripper. The compact body provides a stable gripping force and high repeatability. With a huge selection of grippers in the range Kitagawa are sure to have your specific requirements taken care of!

 These are just a few of many fantastic products on display at this year’s EMO exhibition.

We would love to see you at the show, please feel free to visit at any time - Hall 5 Booth D02.