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Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel – Jaw Finder


Welcome back to the Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel. We are releasing slightly different content this month. We have created an advert to help guide you through the Jaw Finder facility on the Kitagawa Europe Website.

This fantastic facility on the Kitagawa Europe website allows you to easily find jaws to suit a huge range of chucks, including Kitagawa, SMW Autoblok, Rohm, Samchully, Schunk, Forkardt, Bison, Hows, Strong, LMC and Tonfou. The list of jaws we have available is endless, including bar gripper jaws, hard top gripper jaws, pie jaws and soft jaws.

There is also an option on the jaw finder to select your jaws by dimensions. An older chuck may have lost its markings making it difficult to identify. By simply measuring your existing jaws you can quickly determine what jaws are available for your chuck!


The Jaw finder will give you a list of all available jaws for your chuck. It will also include overall dimensions, material, weight and how many units are included in the set. A PDF can also be created by clicking on the PDF icon at the top of the web page.

Kitagawa Europe keep a huge range of jaws in stock at extremely low prices. We also have the capability to manufacture specials to suit your work piece. Link to Kitagawa Europe Jaw Finder below: