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Low Cost Chucks with Special Jaws


Kitagawa Europe has been designing unique top tooling designs for customers for many years now.  In the series of pictures in this article you can see that the customer had an irregular component with a profile that could not be gripped with standard chuck jaws. The customer requested that the solution needed to be low cost with only one chuck to grip a wide range of components.

As the customer did not require a through bore on his chuck the Kitagawa Closed Centre N Series was initially considered as this would keep the costs to the customer down. As the component was irregular the two-jaw version of the N Series chuck was used and as the NLT Series has a long stroke then the 16.2mm jaw stroke of the NLT08 chuck was ideal for gripping this wide series of components.

The top jaw design had to incorporate a location recess and backstops along with hardened gripper inserts to ensure correct location and secure gripping of the component. The jaws incorporated a balanced design to ensure that the component remained safely in place at 3600 rpm. The chuck was supplied with two sets of these special jaws to allow the customer to grip the range of components.