Bigger is Better! | Kitagawa

Bigger is better!


The range of Rotary Tables available from Kitagawa keeps on expanding both in size and performance. The TR800 shown above is just one of the few recent additions to the Rotary Table range. With it's 800mm face plate, 250mm through hole, repeatability of 4 seconds it can handle up to 1000kg on the faceplate in the horizontal aspect as you see here. Therefore not letting size sacrifice accuracy.

But if such a large Rotary Table is impracticable for your vertical machining center but you still require high performance from you Rotary Table then Kitagawa have recently produced the GT Series of Rotary Tables with extremely high clamping force with pneumatic services only, high spindle speed and improved rigidity. The GT Series comes with faceplate sizes ranging from 200mm to 320mm with the customary large spindle through hole to provide additional services to the faceplate. 



For the most economical range of Rotary Tables then look to the MR Series that provides you with the most technically advanced range of Rotary Tables that our competitors are still trying to match. The MR Series offer the most compact Rotary Tables with high spindle speeds, high clamping forces and accuracy.