Big Thru-hole Versatile Collet Chuck CRL80 | Kitagawa

Big thru-hole versatile collet chuck CRL80

CRL 80 is a compact collet chuck allowing maximim tooling access that is able to take both the vari-bore collets for first operation work and spring collets for finishing work.

Directly interchangable with a Kitagawa B210 or a BB210 chuck therefore not requiring any cylinder or drawtube alterations but also can be typically installed on a A2-6 or A2-8 spindle nose as standard.

With a thru-bore of 80mm and made of hardened alloy steel to ensure a high accuracy.


Gripping Range - 12mm - 80mm                                                                 

Collet Increment - 3mm                                                                           

Sleeve Stroke - 12mm                                                                           

Max. Input Force - 45kN                                                                           

Max. Gripping force - 78kN                                                                           

Max. Speed - 4500 r.p.m                                                                           

Net Weight - 29kgs                                                                           

Matching Cylinder - S2091                                                                           

Collet Reference - D-660 Varibore/D-193E Spring