Low-profile Pointed Jaws for 8" to 15" Chucks | Kitagawa

Low-profile pointed jaws for 8" to 15" chucks

Do you often need to machine small components and the chuck you have available is simply the wrong size?

Kitagawa Europe stocks long pointed soft jaws for standard 8" (210mm) to 15" (381mm) chucks to allow you to grip the smallest work pieces. This enables you to make your chuck more versatile allowing you to keep up with your busy production schedule. 
KSJ-08L Point - Pointed Jaws for 8" Chucks please click here.
KSJ-10L Point - Pointed Jaws for 10" Chucks please click here.
KSJ-212L Point - Pointed Jaws for 12" Chucks please click here.
KSJ-15L Point - Pointed Jaws for 15" Chucks please click here.
To see all other options of jaws for your chuck please use our jaw finder to assist you.