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Shaft Chuck

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Series of Shaft chuck capable of machining shaft within one setup
3 procedures are implemented to achieve this one setup 
typically supplied with a face driver with a fixed centre

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Complete shaft machining in one setup

This special chuck is used for chucking ends and the outside of a work piece and used primarilly for long shafts. It shortens the number of machining operations from two to one so that productivity is improved.

How it works - 3 procedures

First procedure - The chuck's jaws are in the retracted postion and the shaft is clamped beween the centres on the chuck and tail spindle and driven with the facedriver. This allows tooling to machine the outside clamping diameter at the end of the shaft closest to the chuck.

Second procedure - The chuck jaws are advanced and grip securely on the previously machined surface at the shaft end. This allows for heavy chip removal or rough machining to occur to reduce your takt time.

Third procedure - This is the finishing procedure where the chuck jaws are retracted once more and clamped between the centres and driven by the face driver. To allow for full part access so that all outside diameters can be machined with a finishing process to obtain perfect concentricity.

Supplied with face driver with a fixed centre

Klamp shaft chucks are normally supplied with a face driver with a fixed centre and a double action cylinder. However Klamp shaft chucks can be provided with a single action cylinder and a sprung loaded facedriver if required.

Balancing available

If balancing is required then a balance ring arrangement can be provided on the adaptor

Driving force

Driving pins are actuated with the double piston cylinder and penetrate into the face of the work piece to engage an effective driving force on the work piece. The double action cylinder also enables the chuck jaws to grip to further secure the chucking and allows for higher chip removal rates.

Highest accuracy

A fixed center arrangement guarantees the highest possible concentricity.

Axial reference

The centre bore of the work piece is where the axial reference is obtained therefore to enable the accuracy of the chuck to be fully realised then this reference postion must be within tolerance.

Typical Workpieces

Shaft, crankshaft, camshaft & railway axles.

Problem Free Installation

This chuck will require an adaptor to be installed on your machine therefore simply specify which ASA or JIS Spindle nose your machine has and we will provide the correct adaptor to suit.

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