Large ball lock chucks Kitagawa

Large ball lock chucks


Large Ball Lock Power Chuck - suitable for castings and forgings

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Ideal for first operation work

Used for high speed chucking of castings or forgings. If necessary, this pull-back chuck can grip on tapered surfaces up to 10o Jaw orientation can automatically equalise in both directions by 5o ensuring that a full gripping contact is made to deliver the maximum gripping force.

Compensation type for irregular work

A special version of this chuck can be specified with compensating jaws for irregular shaped rough castings through centre.

Problem Free Installation

There are two methods of mounting chuck: using an adaptor and fixing on short taper spindle in accordance with ASA and JIS.

2 Jaw version available

There are 2 jaw models available with the same layout.

No swarf or coolant ingress

Due to perfect sealing, no foreign substancse can enter the internal mechanism of the chuck.

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