Kitagawa India Chucks Exchange Policy: Ensuring Quality and Reliability Kitagawa
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Kitagawa India Chucks Exchange Policy: Ensuring Quality and Reliability


Kitagawa India offers an Exchange policy for their chucks. This policy is designed to provide customers with a hassle-free way to Replace their old chucks and improve their machining capabilities.

What is the Kitagawa Chuck Exchange Policy?

Kitagawa Exchange policy is a unique offering that demonstrates the company's confidence in the performance and durability of its products. Under this policy, Kitagawa provides customers with the option to replace their used chucks with Brand NEW chuck after a specific period, eliminating the need for Third Party Service.

The Kitagawa Exchange policy allows customers to get the original brand with accuracy to increase their machining capabilities. Exchange with the new Kitagawa chuck is a low-cost effective solution. This policy applies to B206, B208, B210 and B212 Models Only.

Why Choose the Kitagawa Chuck Exchange Policy?

There are several benefits to choosing the Kitagawa Chuck Exchange Policy:

Upgrade  / Replace Your Chuck: This policy allows you to upgrade your Chuck to the same model or Upgrade. This can help improve your machining capabilities and overall productivity.

Hassle-Free Process: The process is simple and hassle-free. Below terms and conditions will be applicable to this Exchange Policy.

Terms & Conditions

  1. New chuck will be supplied without T-nut, adaptor plate, draw nut against this exchange offer.
  2. Old chuck from the customer must reach our end before the new chuck is dispatched.
  3. Transport charges- For old chuck & new chuck cost will be by customer account.
  4. Packing Charges-Nil
  5. Warranty- 1 year
  6. 100% Advance payment before dispatch.
  7. Prices are Fixed for Limited Period.