BR and BRT next generation lathe power chucks and specialist work holding Kitagawa
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BR and BRT next generation lathe power chucks and specialist work holding

Welcome back to the Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel!

In this episode Hamish, Sophia and Andy focus on some of the capabilities of the ARG – Application Research Group and the next generation standard chucks.

The ARG are a global group of Kitagawa engineers who focus on the most difficult Workholding problems. What this means, is when a sale representative is discussing a work holding issue with you, they are backed up by an expert team to give you rapid answers and quotes to provide you with the timeline and knowledge you need to move forward with your production.  

Large Batch Size Production

Special chucks will always have their place in the industry! With features such as sealed bodies and  pull-down action, accuracy and longevity are easily achievable. Special chucks are the ideal product for large batch sizes. Top tooling can be designed and manufactured by the ARG team with ease. Options can include air seat confirmation, through coolant, ground backstops and machined jaws to suit. All we would require from the customer to design the perfect Workholding solution would be:

We can then do the rest!

Small – Medium Batch Size Production

With the release of the BR three jaw and BRT two jaw power chucks, small to medium batch production has been revolutionised. This is by offering the accuracy of a special chuck but the affordability of a standard chuck. Chasing those extra microns is no longer a laborious task! The BR and BRT series offer a 10-micron repeatability when using Kitagawa standard soft jaws. These chucks have been manufactured under much tighter tolerances and make precision engineering much more cost effective.  Available in the following sizes:

BR: 6,8,10,12” sizes available in stock

BRT: 6,8,10” sizes available in stock


If changing jaws on a regular basis, we can supply the optional extra TNUT-PLUS. The TNUT-PLUS offers a much tighter fit between the base jaw and soft jaw groove. The result of this is not having to reform jaws when re-installing, saving you money from not having to constantly buy new soft jaws and time from not reforming soft jaws on a regular basis. You will still achieve the same 10-micron repeatability!