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Plunger Nuts

Product code: PLUNGER-NUTS

An integral part of the internal chuck mechanism to secure and locate the drawnut into the wedge plunger.

Plunger nuts must be taken off to enable you to remove the drawnut. Drawnuts need to be removed if you need to turn or re-turn a thread into the drawnut to suit your machine’s drawtube. 

Kitagawa Europe can provide you with the correct set-up of connectors and adaptors if you simply fill in the Spindle nose data sheet below.

Email a local distributor
  • Integral part of the chuck mechanism.

  • Locates the draw nut into the wedge plunger.

  • Each Plunger nut corresponds to your chuck type and size

When ordering a replacement simply request - a plunger nut  for your chuck type - B208 for example.

The corresponding part number will be PN-B208.

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