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Stop Handling - Start Machining


Swift Klamp offers you high accuracy and quick setup times, this efficient solution keeps your machine’s doors closed and cutting material to produce the greatest number of finished work pieces per shift - giving maximum return on investment.


Click on this 3 minute and 46 second video link to see 

the full range of Swift Klamp capabilities available. 

The industry standard HSK interface between the clamping head and work holder is renowned for its a large surface area with great rigidity and high accuracy and in the Swift Klamp system is used to greatly reduce setup times.  Work holders can be changed in as little as 10 seconds making the system very efficient to produce accurate parts quickly.



The manual or hydraulic Swift Klamp heads can easily be setup on your machine whether it has 3 axis,  3+1 axis, 4 axes with an integrated rotary table or full 5 axes capability. The compact size of the clamping head and work holders allows for multiple systems to be placed within your machining centre. This allows for different machine operations or different work-pieces to be processed at the same time.


Swift Klamp Workholding examples

Off line set-up

With 3 different sizes of HSK interface Swift Klamp heads and a wide range of work holder options, it is easy to find the best work holder to suit your workpiece and machine.  With multiple work holders it is possible to setup numerous work pieces off-line in advance, with the confidence of knowing that when the workpiece is loaded into the machine, the highest accuracy will be achieved in minimal time.     

If you have multiple machines the use of the standard HSK clamping head means that work workpieces can easily be transferred between each machine while preserving the highest accuracy and achieving the shortest setup times.



In-line/Off-Line work-piece measurement

For quality control and feedback of any required adjustments work-pieces can be measured in line directly on the clamping head in the machining area or transferred to a camping head in a coordinate measuring machine for off-line measurements, giving you confirmation that the work piece tolerances have all been reached.

High Positional Accuracy of the Swift Klamp system



Standardisation - the first step towards automation

Standardising with Swift Klamp across your production cell or site can enable a high level of automation, allowing work holders to be robot loaded/unloaded from machines and transferred between different stations for measurements, cleaning etc before the workpiece is completed and removed.  Kitagawa Europe has a wide range of work holding and work handling products suitable to prepare your machines for full automation. YOUR COMPLETE SIX-FACE MACHINING SOLUTION.