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Robot Grippers by Kitagawa

Welcome back to the Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel. In this episode we focus on Kitagawa's range of standard robot grippers.  These are the latest range of products released by Kitagawa Japan.


Kitagawa have utilised their extensive steel and aluminium material knowledge to produce an impressive range of standard robot grippers that are lightweight, accurate, have a high gripping force and are extremely durable.

Designed specifically to be used in the metal cutting industry, these work ‘handling’ products complement Kitagawa’s renowned range of work ‘holding’ products. Kitagawa chucks and rotary tables have often been supplied with various pneumatic or electronic sensing systems and rotary joints, allowing the work holding to be loaded/unloaded via automation. Kitagawa’s venture into work handling robot grippers enable you the customer to purchase all the necessary automation accessories from the same source as you work holding. This also allows Kitagawa to further guarantee the accuracy of an automation cell as the workpiece’s movements are all completed by Kitagawa products.

Kitagawa’s NTS standard range of grippers are at the forefront of gripper capabilities and have an impressively high specification, including high grip force relative to the size and weight of the gripper.


If even higher gripping force is required than the standard NTS range, Kitagawa have released a new model called the NPGT series. NPGT grippers can deliver up 58% more grip force compared to the NTS range within a small size. In addition these NPGT Grippers can be supplied with a built in measuring function, with an accuracy +/- 5 microns when measuring a workpiece diameter. This built in measurement function can reduce or eliminate a requirement for manual CMM post machining process,  enabling you to have products completed and ready for shipping in a cost effective manner.

Kitagawa has produced such a comprehensive range of grippers that Sophia and Hamish didn't have time to go into the range of quick change grippers. These will will be featured in another presentation soon. Be ready to tune into the next episode of the Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel!