GT200 Rotary Table - High Pneumatic Static clamping force | Kitagawa

GT200 Rotary Table - High Pneumatic Static clamping force

Kitagawa's new GT200 rotary table is a through hole unit capable of withstanding high cutting loads. It features a 200mm diameter table and provides spindle rotations of up to 41.6 rev/min, for high speed indexing. Includes rigid body design to reduce deformation under heavy load. The pneumatically clamped GT200 incorporates pressure monitor switches and Kitagawa's multi-plate disc brake technology to consistently achieve clamping torques of up to 820Nm. Furthermore, the GT200's double lead worm gear drive ensures simple backlash adjustment, enabling it to maintain an absolute positional accuracy of 20 seconds an arc, with a repeatability of 4 seconds or arc.

Kitagawa's extensive range of 4 and 5 axis NC Rotary Tables is complemented by a series of special purpose multi table units - including twin spindle, tilting axis models that allow simultaneous machining of two workpieces in a single set up. In addition, the company will develop, manufacture and support workholding solutions tailored to customers' individual application requirements.

Kitagawa rotary tables interface directly with all popular machine tool controllers, or can be supplied with the company's optional Quinte100 M-Code Activated control units.