Soft Jaw Hardening Instructions
Kitagawa Middle East

Soft Jaw Hardening Instructions

For S45C, BS080M46, C45 material

1. Local heating to 870°C - 930°C. Approx 1-8mm deep.
2. Quench in emulsion until the component is totally cooled down.
3. Temper the jaw at approx 160°C - 180°C for 2 hours.

Hardness of 55-59 HRC achieved.

For 16MnCr5, EN33 material

1. Preheat to 400°C.
2. Insert with protective gas 910°C. Hardening depth depends on holding time.
3. Harden at 840°C. Cool down in oil at 75°C for 30 minutes to ambient temperature.
4. Temper at the desired hardness. The temperature depends on hardness required. Tempering time approx 2 hours.
5. Cool down to ambient temperature again.

Hardness of 56-61 HRC achieved to depth of 0.6-1mm.