Equalising Chuck Kitagawa

Equalising Chuck


Series of 6 jaw pull-down equalising chucks to for work-holding requiring minimum clamping deformation
Suitable for first operations or unique clamping applications

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Minimise Clamping deformation

Can minimise a clamping radial deformation when clamping thin walled workpieces with this 6 jaw (2 +2+2) low profile chuck.

Suitable for OP-10 or unique clamping applications

With active pull-down function and floating function of the tongue & groove base jaws allows for a 12 point work piece contact if necessary to ensure stable clamping.

Centrifugal force compensation

Minimal gripping force fall off at very high speed due to high centrifugal force compensation.

No swarf or coolant ingress

Due to perfect sealing, no foreign substancse can enter the internal mechanism of the chuck.

Problem Free Installation

This chuck will require an adaptor to be installed on your machine therefore simply specify which ASA or JIS Spindle nose your machine has and we will provide the correct adaptor to suit.

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