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Indexing Chuck

Product code: INDEXING CHUCK

Automatic Indexing chuck with hydraulic clamping and indexing.
Fully automate the machining of work pieces with right angles or with 45º, 60º or 120º.
Rigid with a high rotation speed allows for fast chip removal.

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When should I use an indexing chuck?

You can fully automate the machining of work pieces with right angle axis or with 45°, 60° or 120° axis to significantly increase your productivity and reduce your takt time.

Which indexing chuck for my work piece?

Apart from the work piece dimensions identified above many other considerations are required to identify the correct indexing chuck such as overhang of the work piece from the chuck face, clamping force, clamping pistion stroke and the work cycle. Therefore full consultation with our experienced technicians is required during the decision process.

Hardened and ground body

To ensure excellent rigidity and accuracy and complement the design to avoid deformation.

High chip removal rates

High rotation speed and rigity of the chuck allows for fast and deep cutting of the workpiece.

Problem Free Installation

This chuck will require an adaptor to be installed on your machine therefore simply specify which ASA or JIS Spindle nose your machine has and we will provide the correct adaptor to suit.

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