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Gear Diaphragm Chuck


Series of low maintenance chucks suitable for gear grinding operations due to no sliding parts. 
Pneumatically actuated flexing action providing a strong grip force and excellent repeatability.

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Suitable for gear grinding operations

This chuck is used for clamping gear P.C.D and suitable for chucking work which requires high precision machining.

No sliding parts - Low maintenance

Diaphagm clamping technology is based on the elastic deformation of the chuck body which flexes to actuate for the clamping and unclamping operation of the chuck. Threrefore no friction or wear is caused between sliding control surfaces as on traditional chucks.

Pneumatic simple flexing action

The actuation of the chuck is controlled by pneumatic rotary union thus ensuring a consistently controlled concentricity. Pneumatic utilisation ensures no power loss and long periods of high precision. The optimum pressure is 1.5kgf/cm2~50kgf/cm2.

Strong and accurate

The inherant strength and excellent repeatability (Elasticity Recovery 0.002 T.I.R.) of the spring steel is used to acheive the high clamping forces.

Quick changing of gear cages

This chuck can be used for various gear machining setups by the quick changing of cages according to the type of work.

Variable number of chucking pins

You can specify if you require three or six chucking pins to secure the gear work pieces depending on the gear size.

Problem Free Installation

This chuck will require an adaptor to be installed on your machine therefore simply specify which ASA or JIS Spindle nose your machine has and we will provide the correct adaptor to suit.

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