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Diaphragm Chuck


Series of low maintenance chucks suitable for grinding operations due to no sliding parts. 
Pneumatically actuated flexing action providing a strong grip force and excellent repeatability.
You can specify three or six jaws to suit your work-piece.

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Suitable for grinding operations

This chuck is primarily used for grinding machines or light turning as it guaranteeing high precision concentricity, squareness, roundness on machining.

No sliding parts - Low maintenance

Diaphagm clamping technology is based on the elastic deformation of the chuck body which flexes to actuate for the clamping and unclamping operation of the chuck. Threrefore no friction or wear is caused between sliding control surfaces as on traditional chucks.

Pneumatic simple flexing action

The actuation of the chuck is controlled by pneumatic rotary union thus ensuring a consistently controlled concentricity. Pneumatic utilisation ensures no power loss and long periods of high precision. If requested the actuation can be alternatively be controlled by hydraulics.

Strong and accurate

The inherant strength and excellent repeatability (Elasticity Recovery 0.002 T.I.R.) of the spring steel is used to acheive the high clamping forces. The chuck can be used to grip your work piece internally or externally.

Dovetail jaw design

Adjustable jaws (soft jaws) on a dovetail slider has wide working range and is useful for machining multiple work piece types in small batches. A fixed jaw (hard jaw) option is also avaliable which is useful for large batch machining where there are minor work peice variations.

Variable number of jaws

You can specify if you require three or six jaws to grip your on your workpiece for the KDC-200, KDC-250 and KDC-315 Models. If you have a fragile
work piece then six jaws will spread the gripping load therefore reducing deformation of you workpiece.

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