CRS54A5 Short Series Power Collet Chuck for Bar Machining | Kitagawa

Available with different adaptor: CRS54A6 Collect Chuck

CRS54A5 Short Series Power Collet Chuck for Bar Machining

Product code: CRS-54A5

  • Gripping Range (mm): 3-54
  • Max Speed (min-1): 6300
  • Max Input Force (kN): 30
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 60
  • Weight (kg): 11
  • Suitable for D120 Varibore collets.


Short Series Power Collet Chuck interchangeable with B-200 Series Power Chucks.

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Ultra compact chuck design for first operation, ideally suited for use with barfeeders. Short length maximises lathe work envelope. Large capacity in small diameter and short length.

  • Gripping Range (mm): 3 - 54
  • Collet Increment (mm): 3
  • Sleeve Stroke (mm): 10
  • Max Input Force (kN): 30
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 60
  • Max Speed (min-1): 6300
  • Net Weight: 11kg
  • Matching Cylinder: S1552/75

D-120 Varibore Collects  are ideal for first operation work as they have a 3mm gripping range enabling you to handle rough bar. Supplied either as smooth, serrated or super grip.


Designed to work with Bar Pushers/ Barfeeders

Short Body/Wide Range - Varibore collets allow for a compact body design maximising the lathe work envelope. Gripping capacities of the series range from 3.2 mm to 66.6mm

Fixed Length Collet - Workpiece remains in a fixed position during actuation allowing for precise z-axis positioning. A tapered sleeve is pushed forward, compressing the collet and gripping the workpiece.

First Operation Collet Chuck - Klamp CRS collet chucks are suitable for collets which have a large gripping range. Allowing the collet chuck to handle very rough and unfinished bar, preparing it for a high accuracy second operation.

Problem Free Installation - Klamp collet chucks are provided with mounting bolts and an optional custom machined drawtube connector allowing you to start using the Klamp collet chuck straight out of the box.

Quick & Easy Mounting - Klamp collet chucks mount directly to the lathe spindle or use a precision adaptor plate to ensure a consistent mounting without the need for correction. The precision fit of the Klamp collet chuck enhances the rigidity of the overall system. The need for adjustment is minimal, meaning less machine downtime.

Long service life - All Klamp collet chucks are case hardened, optimising the rigidity, strength and durability.

High Speed - Direct mount design ensures high concentricity suitable for higher speed operations.

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