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TJ-B Production System


Very rigid system with a high assembly rotary clamping torque
High cutting torque allows for rapid machining of complex shapes
Allows for excellent tooling access and mulitiple workholding options
Precision ground adaptors ensures high repeatability

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Kitagawa Europe's application research group (ARG) is a team of experienced technical engineers based within our offices throughout Europe and India, co-operating and meeting with their Kitagawa American and Japanese counterparts on a regular basis.

The main purpose of the ARG is to provide designed workholding solutions to customers wanting to increase the productivity of their manufacturing process.

Installing a trunnion production system is one of the best ways to increase your manufacturing output and the effectiveness of your machining envelope without incurring punitive costs or having to invest in new machines.

No matter what the size of machine bed or what control system your machine has, the ARG can design a trunnion production system to suit your needs.

Our trunnion production systems can be supplied as simple blank trunnion, or a fully automated pneumatic or hydraulically actuated trunnion system, with electronic sensors to communicate with your machine that workpieces are loaded correctly. 

Filling in the Trunnion data sheet in further information provides us with all the data we need to provide you with a quote for a trunnion production system to suit your purposes.

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