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52515-20 Makro.4Grip for Makro.Grip 125

Product Code: 52515-20

52515-20 Makro.4Grip Jaws for round parts to suit Makro.Grip 125 vices

Jaw width: 90mm

Gripping diameter for 48155-77/-125: dia. 81-130mm

Gripping diameter for 48205-77/-125: dia. 81-150mm

Gripping diameter for 48255-125: dia. 81-150mm

Gripping diameter for 48305-125: dia. 81-150mm

Gripping diameter for 48355-125: dia. 81-150mm

Weight (kg): 0.5

Sold as a Pair

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Compact and unmatched holding power for the 5-face-machining of raw and unfinished round parts.

  • High Repeat Accuracy for inserting workpieces.
  • The jaws grip the pre-stamped part in four indentations at a clamping height of just 3mm and therefore realise the same for-closure clamping principle as for the well proven system for prismatic parts.
  • The clamping jaws are available as a separate set of jaws for all 77 and 125 vices.
  • Double guided jaws.
  • To guartantee consistent actuation torque we recommend using a common torque wrench.

For the best holding power, as well as the lowest wear on the vice is achieved with the stamping of the raw material! Please click here or see related products below for a detailed description and benefits of our patented Form-Closure technology.

Thanks to Form-Closure technology, workpieces can be securely clamped with low clamping pressure. Deformation and distortion of the material while clamping and releasing is impossible.

Due to its efficiency and the beneficial characteristics for work-holding their LANG stamping technology still is the benchmark when it comes to processing raw parts in 5-axis machining. 

With the Makro.4Grip Clamping System there are completely new possibilities and applications for the stamping technology. By retrofitting the Makro.Grip stamping unit and LANG centring vices the form-closure clamping technology can be applied for round parts now easily and cost efficiently.

The Makro.4Grip system consists of universal stamping jaws including stamping inserts for individual positioning as well as matching clamping jaws for all sizes of LANG centring vices.

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