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Kitagawa YW1225R Double Piston Cylinder

Product Code: YW1225R

Double piston closed centre cylinder

    • Piston Stroke (mm): 25
    • Piston Area (Sides);


      126cm2 / 33kN


    113cm2 / 31kN
  • Max Pressure (MPa): 3.00

Kitagawa YW..R Series

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YW..R double piston cylinder with built-in check valve and pressure relief valve, best suited for HW-series chucks.

  • Piston Stroke (mm): 25
  • Piston Area Push Side: 126cm2, 33.0kN
  • Piston Area Pull Side: 113cm2, 31kN
  • Max Operating Pressure (MPa): 3.00
  • Total Leakage (min): 0.7
  • Max Speed: 5000rpm
  • Weight (kg): 15.5
  • Moment of Inertia (kg.m2): 0.044

A YW..R Cylinder is required to actuate an HW Chuck.

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