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Kitagawa MXM160 High Speed NC Rotary Table

Product Code: MXM160

165mm diameter faceplate with max speed of 75 rpm and clamp torque of 310 Nm.

  • Includes MAC mini iH controller
  • Spindle Through Hole Dia (mm): 40
  • Centre Height (mm): 140
  • Indexing Accuracy (sec): 40
  • Repeatability (sec): 8

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MXM160 Rotary Table (includes MAC mini iH controller) with compact design and high accuracy. Increased max speed as well as a reduction in indexing time when compared to existing products. 

  • Includes MAC mini iH controller (M-Code activated)
  • Table diameter (mm): Ø165
  • Register diameter on faceplate (mm): Ø50
  • Spindle Through Hole Diameter (mm): Ø40
  • Centre Height (mm): 140
  • Clamping method: Pneumatic
  • Clamping Torque (N.m in pneumatic 0.5MPa): 310
  • Motor axis reduced inertia (kg.m2): 0.00008
  • Gear ratio: 1/40
  • Max Spindle Speed (MAC mini version): 75 rpm
  • Allowable Work Inertia (kg.m2): 0.25
  • Indexing Accuracy (sec): 40
  • Repeatability (sec): 8
  • Allowable Load; Horizontal: 80kg, Vertical: 40kg 
  • Weight (kg): 43

For details on the MAC mini iH controller options click here.

MXM160 mounting dimensions are the equivalent to the MR Series.

Optional accessories for MR Series are interchangeable to MX type (not rotary joint.)

  • Manual Tailstock (option): MR160RN
  • Tail Spindle (option): TSR142A