QJR08 Kitagawa
Kitagawa India


Product code: QJR08

210mm three jaw quick change large through hole power chuck.

  • Fits standard Kitagawa Metric Jaws
  • Directly interchanges with BB208 and B208 chucks
  • No need for special connectors or new cylinders
  • Jaw Stroke (diameter, mm): 7.4
  • Plunger Stroke (mm): 16

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Chucks are manufactured from high grade alloy steel. This quick change chuck delivers more speed, consistent gripping force and bore size when compared to conventional chucks. This large bore chuck fits Kitagawa standard metric top jaws. Mounting dimensions are identical to BB208 and B208, so no expensive new connectors or cylinder required.

  • Through-hole (mm): 66
  • Gripping Range (mm): 210 max – xx min
  • Jaw stroke (diameter, mm): 7.4
  • Plunger Stroke (mm): 16
  • Max Input Force: 45kN, 4589 kgf
  • Max Gripping Force: 100 kN, 10196 kgf
  • Dynamic Grip Force at Max Speed: 33.3kN
  • Max Speed: 5000 rpm
  • Weight (with soft jaws): 24.7kg
  • Moment of Inertia: tbc
  • Matching Cylinder: SS1666K
  • Max Permissible Oil Pressure: tbc
  • Standard Metric Top Jaw: SB08A1, KSJ08, HB08A1

Click here for information on Kitagawa Chuck Grease Pro.

Mounting: Recess mount, requires additional adaptor.

Standard Equipment: Chuck includes Kitagawa metric serrated base jaws, mounting bolts and jaw mounting bolts. Also included blank drawnut and mounting wrench.

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