Four-jaw open center chuck Kitagawa
Kitagawa India

Four-jaw open center chuck


Suitable for irregular work-pieces

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Suitable for irregular work pieces

All four-jaws move at once in a single actuation to enable gripping of square, rectangular or irregular work pieces . All sliding control surfaces are hardened and ground for accurancy and long service life with good repeatability.

Effective lubrication

Each master base jaw has a grease nipple in it to allow direct greasing onto the chucks internal control surfaces. Ensure that the chuck is greased at least once per day or per shift.

Master Jaws have 1.5 x 60° Serrations

Please use high quality top jaws to ensure you get the most accuracy from your chuck, inaccurate top jaws without ground serrations will effect the chucks accuracy.


The chuck is supplied with a through-hole to accomodate shaft shaped work pieces as well as plate shaped work pieces.

Problem Free Installation

This chuck will require an adaptor to be installed on your machine therefore simply specify which ASA or JIS Spindle nose your machine has and we will provide the correct adaptor to suit.

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