47120 Kitagawa
Kitagawa India


Product code: 47120

Makro Grip 5-Axis Vice 77 with a 130mm Base length 

Clamping Range (mm): 0-120

Maximum allowed Torque (Nm): 70

Clamping Torque (N): 14000

Centering Accuracy (mm): +/- 0.02

Grid System: 52

Clamping Stud Size (mm): Ø16


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Compact and unmatched holding power for the 5-face-machining of blanks and unfinished parts.

  • High Repeat Accuracy for inserting workpieces without any endstops.
  • Rigid and sturdy base - but still lightweight and handy
  • Reversible jaws equipped with double-sided holding teeth contour (same tooling for all types of vices, 3mm clamping height) and additional clamping support for non-stamped parts.
  • Threads for mounting individual add-on jaws, parallels or endstops.
  • Double guided jaws.
  • Equipped with clamping studs for precise clamping in the Quick point zero-point clamping system.
  • Endstops available on request.
  • To guartantee consistent actuation torque we recommend using a common torque wrench!

For the best holding power, as well as the lowest wear on the vice is achieved with the stamping of the raw material! Please click here or see related products below for a detailed description and benefits of our patented Form-Closure technology.

Thanks to Form-Closure technology, workpieces can be securely clamped with low clamping pressure. Deformation and distortion of the material while clamping and releasing is impossible! 

The reversible jaws are changed over within one minute. A larger clamping range is achieved and interferences are eliminated.

To keep the spindle free of chips and debris we offer spindle covers of patic of foam. Please click here or see related products below.

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