83420 Makro.Grip Ultra standard stamping unit Kitagawa
Kitagawa India

83420 Makro.Grip Ultra standard stamping unit

Product code: 83420

Makro.Grip Ultra standard stamping unit

Type: Standard

Max Stamping Range: 420mm

Type of Stamping Jaws: Standard stamping jaws for materials up to 35 HRc

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The Makro•Grip® Ultra stamping unit is available in three different sizes for the market launch. Fundamentally they are identical, but differ in their base plate's size and number of grooves and locking holes.

The system is designed as a dual-stamping unit which can be placed flexibly in the 96 mm grid of the base plate. The stamping unit is operated conveniently via push button. Included in delivery are two different sets of parallels which match the clamping depth of the serrated Makro•Grip® Ultra clamping jaws (3 mm and 5 mm).

Scope of delivery:

— Frame with base plate
— 2 stamping units
— 2 pairs of stamping jaws
— 2 pairs of each parallel type (3 mm + 5 mm)
— Pneumatic-hydraulic power multiplier (1-360 Bar)
— Scaled endstops and protection shields
— Push button for operation by hand
— Gauging blocks for measuring the wear of the serration

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