30160 Clean.tec Cleaning Fan Kitagawa
Kitagawa India

30160 Clean.tec Cleaning Fan

Product code: 30160

Clean Tec 160

Diameter: 160mm

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Save expensive compressed air - use Clean-Tec! A "must-have" for automated manufacturing processes!

  • Glass fibre compound body with steel centre core. Can be clamped in every common shank Ø20mm
  • Strong and wear-resistend carbon fibre wings for best durability - even with tough chipping
  • Rigid retaining springs for a secure folding of blades after the cleaning process

Ideal for cleaning workpieces prior to an automatic unloading. Workpieces and fixtures can be cleaned with coolant using the supply through the spindle. Clean-Tec is stored just like a common tool in the tool magazine and selected automatically via CNC program.

  • Specific cleaning
  • Designed to clean surfaces of workholding or blowing out water pockets
  • Rotation from 6,000 - 12,000 RPM clockwise with internal coolant bore

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