KEM-CS-MA Manual Expanding Mandrel Actuator Kitagawa
Kitagawa India

Available with different adaptors: KEM-CS-A5 Expanding Mandrel , KEM-CS-A6 Expanding Mandrel , KEM-CS-A8 Expanding Mandrel

KEM-CS-MA Manual Expanding Mandrel Actuator

Product code: KEM-CS-MA

KEM Manually Operated Expanding Mandrel Actuator

  • Gripping Range: 21.9mm - 40.3mm

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  • KEM Series includes a manually-operated expanding mandrel actuator (called the KEM-MA) incorporating a precision-ground 38mm diameter location spigot that enables the unit to be held in any collet or jaw chuck, reducing setup times by eliminating the need to change the machine's three jaw chuck or collet chuck.
  • These models utilise the same precision mandrels, expanding sleeves and locators as our CNC Expanding Mandrels.
  • Side-actuated with an included square-drive key means that this unit can accommodate parts with blind bores as well as those with thru-holes.
  • Precision-ground for high accuracy in squarenesss and concentricity. If higher accuracy is needed the mandrel can be clocked-in once the unit is gripped in a chuck.
  • Universal location spigot mount enables this ID workholding system to be easily moved from machine to machine as jobs require.
  • A great option for low/medium-volume production. For high-production environments, use the standard KEM series

Dimensions (please refer to dimensions drawing):

  • E: 52.1mm
  • F: 15.5mm
  • G: 32mm
  • G(Flush): 36.6mm

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