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Flexible and easy way to automate your machining process

The Robotrex automation system makes your machining process more efficient and it operates with your machining center from a trolley stacking system, which serves as a storage medium for the vices. The Robotrex automation system creates flexibility and guarantees extended machining hours and proper utilization of your machining centre. This is done through the simple start/stop operation through a dedicated touch panel. Guaranteeing uncomplicated and direct communication via your machine’s M-function or standardized automation interface. Therefore minimising the time required for assembly and commissioning of the entire system.


Easy Retrofitting to machine tools

Quick installation to a new or an existing machining centre and communication between automation system and machine tool via acknowledgeable M-function.


Quick loading of Automation system

Trolleys are prepared offline without interrupting the machine cycle. Trolleys are exchanged within a few seconds.

Easiest operation

Training is kept to a minimum and it is a user friendly. Pre-adjusted and pre-programmed robot with a simple control.


Maximum utilization of space

Patented, angled mounting of vices ensures the maximum utilization of space. The perfect accessibility allows exchanging of workpieces, without removing the vice from trolley.

Does not hinder manual operation

An integrated door in the enclosure of the RoboTrex ensures access to the machine, which enables the operator to work manually at any time.

No additional utilities necessary

Actuation of the zero-point system can be done either mechanically by the robot or pneumatically by the machine tool or an external interface. 




In order to organise the process safety of unmanned production, new tasks have been

created for the team. The employees plan and secure the production. Automation

makes it possible for the employee to take care of more things than inserting parts.

In addition, scheduling reliability has improves and the quantity of parts has

increased by almost 50% due to planning security.

Heiko Blochwitz, Mechanische Werkstatten Blochwitz GmbH & Co. KG




 The key to profitability is a productive night shift without operators being present.

With minimum effort we were able to make better use of our machine machine

capacities and as a result increased our productivity tremendously. In less than a

year the practical solutions by LANG Technik were amortised.

Simon Oreskovic, Zelos Zerspanung