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A Strong Impression


                                                                         LANG VICES NOW IN INDIA WITH KITAGAWA

Kitagawa India now has three demonstration units touring the country to prove this innovative technology. Showing you how the LANG equipment beats all the competition with pre-stamping technology, a wide range of vice options and zero-point clamping systems. 
The LANG vice is primarily designed for 5-axis systems but is perfectly suited for vertical or horizontal machining centres. The stamping process which only takes 3-5 seconds lets manufacturers dramatically reduce set-up time and guarantee maximum holding power with minimal clamping force, which allows the vice to be exceptionally compact and long lasting.
                                                                                     World's slimmest zero-point system
LANG Zero-point clamping systems ensure a further reduction in set-up times, repeatability of 5 microns and a clamping force of 6 tons. With a height of only 27mm makes it one of the lowest zero-point systems on the market.

All of these advantages can be combined using LANG automation systems that can be retro-fitted to any machining centre thus enabling you to obtain all your vices, zero-point systems and automation from one source for absolute peace of mind when conducting 24hr manufacturing.
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