Introducing the Application Research Group Kitagawa
Kitagawa India

Introducing the Application Research Group

Kitagawa Europe are putting all their technical teams from the United Kingdom, Germany and India together under one banner called the Application Research Group or ARG for short.



The Application Research Group consists of individuals who have extensive experience in using all our work holding products before focusing on certain products, be it rotary tables, steady rests, power chucks, etc. The ARG is based across three of our offices in Salisbury, U.K., Ratingen, Germany and Bangalore, India. Throughout our sales territory the ARG works along-side an extensive sales and support network.

What this means, is when a sale representative is discussing a work holding issue with you, they are backed up by an expert team to give you rapid answers and quotes to provide you with the timeline and knowledge you need to move forward with your production.





This group will as ever work in close partnership with our colleagues at Kitagawa Corporation in Japan and Kitagawa Northtech in America. Between the three companies the work holding knowledge and experience is extensive which enables us to provide rapid, reliable and cost-effective designed solutions to a multitude of different and complex work pieces either for a lathe or a machining centre. 


            Kitagawa Corporation is now over 100 years old and has been operating in Europe and America for many                   years, gathering diverse work holding experience. We know that providing you with a dedicated work holding               solution to suit a particular work piece can significantly reduce the operations needed to manufacture your                   workpiece. We can ensure your workpiece is held and supported in a rigid enough manner to enable you to                 remove maximum amounts of material in the minimum amount of time, reducing your takt time, enabling you               to meet production deadlines and stay competitive.



These advantages of a designed solution ensure a quick return on investment.  All designs are held in our database allowing us to re-produce spares or indeed the entire solution again within a rapid time frame in the case of an increased production or a breakdown. If necessary, we can even hold spare parts in stock to keep your critical production lines operating.

The ARG will continue to use it's robust and well used processes to offer in-house applications engineering, custom engineered Workholding and productivity enhancement programs.



The Application Research Group is dedicated to solving parts machining challenges


Extensive Custom Engineered Rotational & Stationary Solutions






The Application Research Group has expertise designing, engineering and manufacturing an extensive range of work holding and tooling for turning or prismatic applications. Simple or tough, let the Kitagawa Europe's Application Research Group solve your machining problems.