Encounter the 4th axis with a New Perspective. Kitagawa
Kitagawa India

4th Axis Rotary Table mounted on a Lang Quick.Point base plates



The MK200 is an intelligent design to meet the future requirements that the industry demands from a 4th axis rotary table. High performance and easy to use model.

                The clamping torque of the MK200 has improved by 40% to 570Nm. Jig space and clamping torque are boosted by the design of the MK200 and our thin tail spindle. The highlight of MK200 is the powerful clamping torque, the stronger the clamping torque the heavier cutting becomes possible

                MK200 is installed by inserting bolts from the top without clamping devices. The effective thickness is reduced, and chip flow is improved. In MK200 rotary table the locator on riser block helps retain locating accuracy and assists with maintenance.

                Compact built-in rotary joints can be selected from 4-, 5- and (6+1)- port types. The center port of (6+1) port type has a 12.5 mm multipurpose hole for high- pressure coolant, work seating detection sensor etc. 25Mpa. High pressure rotary joints (4-port or 6-port) are also available for miniaturization of fixtures and fast actuation.


The modular Quick-Point zero-point clamping system can be retrofitted to almost any machine table, making it a perfect solution for high-speed changeovers of vises, fixtures and workpieces. Whether vertical or horizontal machining, 3-, 4- or 5-axis applications, there is a model that fits your needs. Its flexibility, high positioning accuracy and reliable, durable construction make it one of the best in its class and the industry benchmark in zero-point clamping.


This mechanical, multi-clamping system allows up to 4 vises or fixtures to be clamped and released using only one actuation screw, making it possible to reduce and divide set-up time by 4, increasing the ease of operations. There are various ways to equip the machine table by aligning different kinds of raster plates. This will help you achieve maximum space and flexibility on the machine table.



Kitagawa India’s compact MK200 Series NC Rotary table mounted on a LANG Quick. point zero-point base plate. Pioneers in rotary table design now featured with worlds best manual zero-point plates. An awesome combination of Japanese excellence with German precision creating benchmarks in modern day work-holding.