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LANG Stamping Technology is also called as pre-stamping, where the work piece is stamped outside of the machine tool with up to 20 tons of pressure, before being clamped in the LANG Makro.Grip 5 axis...

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Additional Axis

Your typical machining centre tool arm is obviously is designed to move in three axis - X Axis, Y axis & Z axis. The machining centre is also supplied with a ‘bed’ to attach your...

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Complex Workholding

Local relationships for any global company are amongst the most important to have, especially when supporting highly technical products such as power chucks and rotary tables....

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Modular Work Holding

Lang’s modular technology system combines three technologies to enable you to deliver a fast, accurate and flexible working system....

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Robotrex automation

The Robotrex automation systemmakes your machining process more efficient and it operates with your machining center from a trolley stacking system, which serves as a storage medium for the vices. The...

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