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Additional Axis

Your typical machining centre tool arm is obviously is designed to move in three axis - X Axis, Y axis & Z axis. The machining centre is also supplied with a ‘bed’ to attach your various work holding requirements. To enable you to meet your production targets you’re often required to change a work holding set-up multiple times. The addition of a rotary table provides you with an additional axis (A axis) to your machining centre’s bed and can dramatically reduce the number work holding set-ups required. This rotating A axis (otherwise known as a forth axis) allows 360 degree tooling access to a work-piece if work holding is placed directly onto the rotary table’s face plate.

This additional axis can also be used to power a trunnion bed supported between the rotary table and a tail spindle. Trunnions beds provide an excellent work holding multiplier with Kitagawa rotary tables as the necessary pneumatics or hydraulics to required to actuate the work-holding can be passed through a multi-port rotary joint which is situated within the through-hole of the rotary table. The multiple ports of the rotary joints allow multiple work-holding to either act in a synchronised or independent manner to each other. This makes it possible to automate your machining process if required in the future, however a trunnion bed can just as easily accommodate multiple manual work holding setups.

Kitagawa India is uniquely placed to not only be able to provide you with Kitagawa manual, pneumatic or hydraulic work-holding to fit directly on to your rotary table but we can also adapt our tables to accept LANG quick-point systems and modular vice technology. Kitagawa pneumatic or hydraulic work-holding focuses on the reduction of takt time to increase the efficiency of your manual or automated process for large quantity production. Whilst Quick-point allows the ultra-fast exchange of work-holding set up allowing effective small batch production.


The broad range of Kitagawa rotary tables available to you enables you to choose which type best suits your production requirements and which type is best suited to your size of machining centre.

MK Series

 MK series rotary table

High performance and user friendly

Main Characteristics

Performance improved

Powerful clamping Torque

Wide machining area

Installation without clamping devices

Wide selection of rotary joints

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GT Series 

Suitable for heavy machining

This series is available in three models with the table size of 200,250 and 320mm diameter, the new units incorporate a novel piston design that delivers component clamping torque of up to 2,800Nm. Productivity is further enhanced by the tables robust yet compact design, which allows maximum metal removal rates to be combined with the high indexing accuracy and repeatability.

 GT series rotary table

Main Characteristics

High Clamping torque

    Increased clamping torque is achieved by increased piston area and new clamping          mechanism

High Rigidity

     Rigid body design allows heavy machining and improved brake piston design reduces distortion.                   

High speed

      High clamping torque allows increased machining speed and improved clamping speed reduces takt time.                         

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CK Series

Ultra-compact NC Rotary table

 CK series rotary table


The body of CK series Rotary table is now more compact. The thickness of the body has been reduced by 63mm compared to the conventional product. For the trunnion fixture, it provides a wider machining area than ever. It is ideal for compact machining centres, making it possible to reduce the machine size and the installation space.

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T series

High performance NC rotary table

T series rotary table


The T series rotary tables are of high rigidity for heavy cutting and high accuracy. An integrated air booster provides high clamping torque (comparable to hydraulic) from a standard air supply. Air booster or direct hydraulic clamping options and rotary joints options are also available. These can be used horizontally and vertically. Available with all motor types in left- and right-hand configuration and top or back motor versions to suit a variety of machine model. The rotary scale can be fitted to further increase accuracy.