4th Axis Clamping Bridge Production Systems Kitagawa
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4th Axis Clamping Bridge Production Systems


KITAGAWA Europe limited in agreement with LANG Technik GmbH are increasing their work holding options by building LANG's zero-point systems directly into KITAGAWA's trunnion options providing you with the most versatile trunnion systems in the world.
This combination of high specification KITAGAWA Rotary tables provides you with highly accurate, rigid, versatile and cost effective production system for your 3-axis machining centre to maximise you machine envelope.
Two main categories of the Clamping Bridge (CB) production system are available (LANG Makro.Grip Vices and work pieces are not provided within the scope of supply):

A clever trunnion designed for flexible work holding

The CB-F & CB-N production system unites the rigidity and strength of KITAGAWA rotary tables with the rapid change flexibility of LANG Quick.point zero-point products, to produce the ultimate single-sided trunnion solution for modern manufacturing. LANG Quick.point is the lowest manually actuated zero-point system on the market thus building this technology directly into the 'bridge' of the trunnion system provides an immediate advantage over a traditional trunnion system.

The reduced height in the Z-Axis maximises the machining envelope and allows for many more work holding options when compared to a standard 'blank' trunnion specification with multiple plates fixed on top of each other.


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The CB-F production system also has the option to be transformed from an off-centre position to an on-centre position which allows for work pieces to be presented to the machine spindle with a different aspect. If necessary the reverse side can utilised by drilling and tapping mounting holes for further work holding to be mounted.

The CB-N Production system is a dedicated double sided zero-point trunnion to maximise the amount of workpeices you are able to present to the machine spindle. However low-profile our zero-point system is, there is often a requirement for dual sided systems that the rotary table and tail stock are raised to allow for larger work pieces. We can provide various heights of precision ground riser plates to accomodate your workpeice requirements.

Also the CB-F & CB-N 'bridge' can be quickly changed from a 96mm grid Quick.point to a 52mm grid Quick.point and back again as required. This provides you with multiple work holding options to either ensure a large work piece is securely gripped or provide multiple small workpieces to be machined at the same time.

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Note: LANG Makro.Grip Vices are not included within the scope of supply.