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SB06B1/ SB06A1-066

Código de producto: SB06B1-SB06A1-066

SB Soft Jaws for Power Chucks

  • To suit N-06, NL06, AS06, NRC06, (HJA5-6), BB206, B-06, (HOB-6, HOS-6, HOH-06K) Chucks.
  • 1.5mm x 60 Serrations.
  • Set of 3 jaws supplied. 

Kitagawa SB Jaws are available in standard and high versions.

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Standard Jaw: SB06B1
Height: 32mm
(Ref. DWG 2)

High Jaw: SB06A1-066
Height: 66mm
(Ref. DWG 1)

  • To suit Solid Chuck: N-06, NL06, AS06, NRC06, (HJA5-6)
  • To suit Hollow Chuck: BB206, B-06, (HOB-6, HOS-6, HOH-06K)
  • Bolt Type: M10X30

Kitagawa T-Nuts, hard jaws and base jaws are available on request.

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