Vises - Features

Vises - Features

Work lift-up reduced.

A binding beam method (work lift-up prevention mechanism) which has a pull-in effect in clamping has been adopted. This mechanism has reduced work lift-up to 0.015mm or less.

Easy Jig Mounting

Tapped holes are provided on the top faces of both jaws. Thus making jig mounting easy and enabling various kinds of machining operations.

Chip Guard Cover

The attached C-caps can be mounted on the top-face bolt holes of both jaws, which protects from gathering chips and cutting water.

Parallel Specification Adopted as Standard.

The Kitagawa vises are very precise systems with dimensional tolerance of 0.01mm or less. The parallel specification is standard for power vises. Thus enabling long-size work to be firmly gripped - stabilising the machining accuracy. Multiple workpieces can be machined simultaneously making the vise easily adaptable for high volume production.