Steady Rests Instruction Manual

Steady Rests Instruction Manual


Automatic centering to reduce cycle time and increased productivity. High centering accuracy.
Replaceable sealing strips and provision for compressed air connection prevents the entry of coolant and dirt to the
body of Steady Rests. All standard Steady Rests come fitted with centralized lubrication systems. (Manual lubrication setup optional.)
• Actuating cylinder is provided with integral safety valve to ensure support of the work piece should there be a sudden pressure drop.
• The Steady Rest includes a special cam design. which is proven in the field.
• Adjustable 3 piece chip guard for outer rollers with minimum
reduction of clamping range.
• Positive opening of the Steady Rest is ensured by precisely
engineered operating mechanism.
• Compact and robust designs allow the machine tool to be used
under optimal conditions.
• Special rollers which have multiple sealing disks are used for the Steady Rests. Actuating cylinder can be operated either hydraulically or pneumatically.
• These Steady Rests can be mounted either on slant or flatbed lathes.
• Rigid and precisely made brackets ensure centering accuracy.
• All internal and external parts are case hardened and ground to ensure the highest precision and reliability.
• Middle roller and roller pocket is protected against dirt by a roller stripper.
• These are suitable for fixed as well as travelling applications.


This product is not available in:

Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom.