MADV Indexing Clamping System

MADV Indexing Clamping System

Indexing System
In order to obtain shaft revolution in MADV chucks it is necessary to stop chuck rotation.

The main parts of this device are:

- A = indexing shaft (driven by 2 lines of cylindrical pre-loaded rollers supported by an axial ball bearing).

- A1 = indexing notch.

- B = indexing shutter with spring.

- B1 = conical tooth.

- C = shutter stop lever.

The mechanism is in each jaw. The releasing lever allows for two shutters to be piloted at the same time.

Rotation and indexing (see diagram)

- phase 1 = indexed chuck: the shutter tooth is connected in the shaft notch.

- stop the rotation of the chuck.
- phase 2 = shutter release. (Releasing lever disconnects the shutter.)
- phase 3 = rotation: manual rotation works the piece in the jaws.
- phase 4 = indexing: lever release allows spring shutter connection.

The releasing lever device is designed to use the centrifugal force in rotation as indexing force.

Indexing precision 0°01′30".

Clamping System

The main parts of the blocking device are:

- Lead screw A
- Jaws B
- the chuck body C
- axial unit of centering D
- safety pins E.

MADV chucks are clamped manually.

Jaws are opened and clamped by rotating the lead screw with a key or screw driver.

[Clamping couple valves must be adhered to.]

The screw A is fixed with the centering unit D that contains the axial ball bearing.

The torque applied to the drill screw A, gives the movement and the clamping of the jaws B.

Safety device:
The safety screws E keep the jaws securely in the chuck body in the event of a broken lead screw. Normally these screws are used to reduce the opening stroke of the jaws. Do not remove these screws.