MD Indexing Position Control System

MD Indexing Position Control System

MD Rotating Oil Manifold - 4x90° (MD Chuck)




Construction Diagram - 4x90°

The indexing position control system allows to check the working of the indexing position interfaced with the machine. It is therefore possible to verify if the angular position obtained corresponds to that set by the CNC program. (The drawing shows the complete indexing position control mechanism)

Front indexing position control (chuck body side):
Cam "H" drives the rotary movement o the indexing shaft in a rectilineal movement that through lever "I" is put off the central cursor "K". Spring "L" assures the right power and the return of the cursor. 

Rear indexing position control (rotating oil manifold side):
The rectilinear movement of the rod "F", connected to the cursor "K" through the screw "J", is amplified (relation 4.5/1) with a special device "E" fixed to the rotating oil manifold "C".

The movement produced to the lever "A" is brought up on the pin "D" by nr. 4 proximity switches "G" fixed on the plate "B". The 4 proximity switches are schematized in the technical drawing - signals corresponding to the 4 indexing positions:

C1 = pos. 0° - 360°
C2 = pos. 90°
C3 = pos. 180°
C4 = pos. 270°