Tecnomors Indexing Chucks

Tecnomors Indexing Chucks

MD/MDE ChuckTecnomors Indexing Chucks (UK and India Only)
Mechanical Indexing Power Chucks are used by a variety of industries to machine pieces with faces at right and axial angles using single loading and clamping. To machine these profiles with traditional chucks each would require re-clamping causing loss of time and lack of precision.

Indexing Chucks were initially conceived to work crosspieces and valve bodies but over the last few years constant improvements have been made to the design and construction to give increased accuracy and durability. This has led to the increased use in the automobile and aeronautical industries as well as in many industrial sectors that have the requirement to machine pieces with a crossed axis in a single clamping.

MD/MDE Power Indexing - Power Clamp Chucks automate workpiece clamping and the indexing process to minimize cycle time. The fully automatic version allows spindle rotation whilst indexing the workpiece in preparation for the next operation.

MAD T Chuck

MAD T Manual Index - Power Clamp Chucks are the best solution for small batches and prototype work. Jaw Clamping is via drawbar connection actuated by hydraulic cylinder.

MAD V Chuck

MAD V Manual Index - Manual Clamp Chucks are suitable for small batches and manual machines without the necessary clamping cylinder.



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