VQX100N | Kitagawa


Product code: VQX100N

MC Power Vise Vise suitable for long-size work and simultaneous machining of multiple workpieces.

  • Jaw Stroke (mm): 128
  • Max Clamping Force (kN): 30
  • Jaw Width (mm): 99.5

Cast Iron body with high vibration damping property.

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Kitagawa's VQX-N Series Vises offering stable clamping and machine accuracy ensured by the enhancement toggle mechanism.

  • Jaw Height (mm): 35
  • Jaw Stroke (mm): 128
  • Total Height (mm): 120
  • Work Mounting Face Height (mm): 85
  • Full Width (mm): 107
  • Full Length (mm): 351.5
  • Max Clamping Force (kN): 30
  • Weight (kg): 19
  • Body Material: Cast Iron
  • Jaw Material: Hardened Steel
  • Standard Accessories: Clamp Device Assembly (clamp device, T-Nut(s), bolt(s), washer(s), handle, L-shaped hexagonal wrench, C-caps, slide cover.)
  • Options: Parallel clamp device, stepped guide block, ratchet handle, extension bar, soft jaws (a set of moving-side and fixed-side jaws).

Visit the technical support section of the website for further information on MC Power Vises.


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