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Wedge Plunger

Product code: WEDGE-PLUNGER

The wedge plunger is the essential component of a three jaw chuck to convert the Z-Axis movement of the drawtube into the X-Axis movement of the master base jaws on the face of the chuck via an angled profile. Each wedge plunger is hardened and ground for durability and high precision to ensure your chuck maintains a high repeatability and is designed to give the optimum gripping force for the chuck jaws. 

To ensure that your chuck maintains the best possible repeatability and grip force it is vital that the chuck is greased daily or once per shift in the case of standard chucks (B-200, BB200, BR, B Series), other chucks may have sealing or a different design therefore requiring longer periods between greasing operations. Always ensure that you read your chucks instruction manual.

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  • Fundamental for chuck operation.

  • Hardened and ground for durability and high precision.

  • Maintain as per instruction manual to ensure correct chuck operation.

  • Each wedge plunger corresponds to your chuck type and size

When ordering a replacement simply request - a wedge plunger for your chuck type - B208 for example.

The corresponding part number will be WP-B208.

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