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Master Liners for use with bar feeders

Product code: MASTER LINERS

Why are they required?

If you have ever tried running a length of material without support then as soon as the spindle starts rotating at speed you would have quickly found out why a spindle liner support system is required.

Basic physics are proof that to grip a certain length of material and maintain that material on centreline whilst stationary is not possible so whilst it is rotating makes the importance of support even higher.

With the latest generation of lathes aiming for extremely high spindle speeds material support down the spindle is crucial. Incorrect or lack of material support leads to poor finish, poor tolerances, high component scrap rates and damage to the lathe.

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This master liner is manufactured to a high tolerance from steel tubular material.

The bore is made as large as possible and inside the bore of the liner there are a number of spacers and Acetol bushes. The bore of the bushes are machined to suit a material size with a small amount of clearance.

The advantage of this system is that the liner remains housed inside the spindle and the internal bushes are changed for each material size. This system is normally utilised on fixed headstock lathes fitted with a short magazine barfeeder however they can be used with full length magazine barfeed that uses guide channel that is smaller than the lathe spindle.

In general they are used on fixed head lathe but they can be used on sliding head, moving head, and multi-spindle lathes.

  • Manufactured to a high precision.
  • Balanced to reduce vibration
  • Fast Delivery

Can a liner be extended?

Yes. As material supplies come in standard lengths it has to be cut to suit short magazine barfeeds. Ideally it is cut is equal lengths to achieve the most efficient way of using the material. Lathe spindle lengths vary so to help a liner can be extended to help load the material length required although there is a limit to the extension that can be achieved.

 How are they fitted in the lathe spindle?

Kitagawa lathe cylinders have a detector plate fitted and these plates have a series of tapped holes. The liner either has a flange with a matching holes pattern or has a separate flange to house the liner in the lathe spindle

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