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Drawtubes and Drawbars


An essential part of any hydraulic chucking system to connect your power chuck’s threaded draw nut to your hydraulic cylinder piston.

Kitagawa Europe drawtubes and drawbars are balanced and manufactured to a high standard to ensure minimum vibration to your complete chucking system.

Either purchase from our comprehensive standard stock or provide the essential dimensions to the specification sheet below and we can supply your custom made drawtube or drawbar within one to three weeks.

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  • Manufactured to a high precision.

  • Balanced to reduce vibration

  • Fast Delivery

For drawtubes and depending on which chucking system is fitted the maximum internal diameter of the drawtube is approximately 10mm less than the internal diameter of your machine spindle.

In addition Kitagawa Europe can supply filler tubes and connectors to suit bar feeding applications to work in conjunction with your drawtube and chucking system.

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